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In This Issue   Great News for Reliance Connects Customers!
Our fiber optic upgrades and supporting equipment have now been completed for several of our service areas.

The affected areas include: Judd Rd, Smokey Ln, Kitzmiller Rd, Howlett Rd, Clausen Rd, George Rd, and Shibley Rd. For Corbett: Latourell, Bridal Veil, Gordon Creek/Aims and Trout Creek. What does this mean? These areas may now be able to receive speeds ranging from 6Mbps to 12Mbps depending on line conditions and distance restrictions.

Want even better news?
We are offering these advanced speeds at no additional cost to the customer! Many are aware of Mt Hood Meadows that offers year round skiing and amenities. But, did you know that Reliance Connects is the provider for its phone and Internet services along with surrounding areas? To make services to these customers even better, we are in the process of installing 35 miles of fiber optics to improve connectivity between our local office and Mt. Hood Meadows.

Not included in these areas? Don't feel left out! Future plans for upgrading services continue this year. Tumala Mt Rd, Wildcat Mt Dr, and more are on the slate for upgrades in 2014. In Corbett: Salzman Rd and hub upgrades in the neighborhood. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and, as always, our friendly customer service representatives can provide additional information.

» Great News - Fiber Optics!
» Unique Phone's Tech Support
» New Ways to Reach Out in 2014
» New Gadgets & Gizmos

Customer's Unique Phone Gets
Tech Support at Reliance

Ellen called us because she had a unique phone that needed repair. Pat, our technician, diagnosed the custom burlewood phone and determined it could be fixed. As this phone had been a gift from her late husband, Ellen was delighted.

We promptly repaired the phone for a small fee and it works just like it used to!

Ellen and our Marketing Manager, Michele Conditt,
are pictured here with the one of a kind phone.
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Communicating in 2014: New Ways to Reach Out
With new technology innovations every day, it can be daunting trying to figure out what things are, how they work, and the benefits from using them. So here are a few things on the horizon that can help you stay connected to family, friends, co-workers, or even total strangers:

» Holographic Video Calls
Flying cars may still be a ways off, but it looks like holographic video calls could be a thing of the present. There are several technologies that are making headway in this field, and researchers are expecting to see this technology in the marketplace this year.

» Messaging
Text messaging became the main method of communicating for many people and often still is – but cell providers often charge for texts (and let's not even mention the cost of going over your limit). This is where chat apps come in. Many people are now switching to a chat app that works over a Wi-Fi or data network. Some of the most popular are ChatOn, Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, and WhatsApp.

» Social Media
Social media is nothing new. It has (arguably) been around for nearly two decades. There are more social media sites now than ever before, and the major trend for the top-growing sites is visual sharing. Sites like Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest are catering to visual sharing – which is often more fun to browse and share than text-based sites.

» Real-time Video Sharing
What says more than a picture? A video! Short videos tell a big story and are gaining in popularity. They are easier to make and easy to share with sites and apps like Viddler, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Ustream. Let's not forget YouTube, which more than one billion people visit to watch more than six billion combined hours of video monthly.
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Gadgets & Gizmos: Your Guide to the Newest Technology
It seems like practically everything is getting upgraded, internet connected, or automated. For instance, there are now LCD-screen belt buckles, dog-doo vacuums, and a bug-zapping tennis racket! We've selected a few of the newest gadgets and gizmos that might interest you:

Ultra HD Televisions
Enjoy large-screen TV viewing from any distance in your home. Better than HD, it's Ultra HD!
Wearable Technology
Fitness, heart rate, and sleep patterns can be tracked where ever you go.
Internet-Connected Toothbrush
To make sure a loved one is making the best oral health choices, this system makes a lot of sense.
Smartphone-Controlled Crockpot
With your smartphone, you can turn the crockpot on and off, set timers, adjust temperatures, and send out reminders.
Bigger Tablet Computers
Less for portability and more for flexibility.

The trends in technology are clear. Things are getting better, easier to use, and have the potential to make our lives easier.
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